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30 signs you’re a fair dinkum Aussie January 22, 2019 - Posted in: Uncategorized

As a nation we are a passionate bunch and although we come from all different backgrounds and upbringings we all share some very familiar behaviours and experiences. Below are a list of things we feel you’ve either experienced or done yourself as an Aussie. How many do you agree with?

1. You or someone you know has done a shoey.

2. You frown upon Budgie smugglers and know they have nothing to do with birds

3. You can’t read this chant without finishing it “Aussie, Aussie Aussie . . .”

4. You grew up playing marbles, handball or bullrush at school.

5. You only ever refer to your friends by their nicknames.

6. You shorten words and names as often as you can.

7. These words will never be uttered by you “Chuck a shrimp on the barbie”.

8. Yeah nah is the only response needed to acknowledge someone’s statement but disagree with it.

9. It’s socially acceptable to sit in front of the TV all day and watch the test cricket, only moving for limited toilet breaks and grabbing another beer.

10. You’ve swung around on a hills hoist at least once in your life.

11. Cane Toad hunting is a legitimate past time activity as a kid.

12. You’ve uttered the comforting words of “She’ll be right, mate” to someone in the dumps.

13. Thongs are considered to be both casual and formal attire.

14. Mozzies and flies worry you more than sharks or crocs when outdoors.

15. You use the term “Woop Woop” to explain a location far, far away from you current location.

16. Nothing is more thirst quenching then a cold beer.

17. Uttering the words of Alf Stewart “Flaming galahs”, “struth” or “stone the crows” is completely natural.

18. A meat pie is also know to you as a dog’s eye.

19. Vegemite is a tasty spread for sangas and toast.

20. When using the term“The other day”. It could mean somewhere between yesterday and a year ago.

21. The 3 B’s are mandatory on your Australia Day. BBQ’s, Beers and Beach Cricket.

22. The boxing kangaroo is your preferred flag.

23. You own at least one BBQ.

24. In your eyes, green and gold are the true national colours

25. Hearing the word ‘Crikey’ brings a tear to your eye for the greatest animal expert that ever lived.

26. You can fly to other countries quicker than you can fly to the opposite side of the country.

27. Taken a holiday trip to Bali.

28. You have at some stage heard or had an argument about whether Ford or Holden are better.

29. Stopped class to watch the Melbourne Cup when at school.

30. You have a terrible urge to back the under dog in any sporting event.